ALL ABOUT OUR AGILITY COURSES:  Please contact Lindsay for prices on classes 

Duke’s Academy for Dogs would like to invite agility enthusiasts to attend agility foundation training on Saturday.  These classes are ideal for young dogs or for dogs that have missed some foundation principles and want an opportunity to slow their training and recap on basics.

Classes Saturday’s

We will cover basics through a learning methodology of splitting behaviours. We will then use these foundations to build the behaviour from one week to the next. In this class we will discuss and implement learning’s around:

Ø       The rules and lingo of agility

Ø       Turns and turning cues

Ø       Walking the course

Ø       Start line and impulse control    

Ø       Foundation jumping

Ø       Tunnels

Ø       Handler and dog relationship


For more details and to book your place please call Lindsay on 076 309 0341.

We will limit spaces due to the nature of the training. Please note that all dogs/puppies will work to their level of ability (no puppies will be required to jump any heights).

Treats and toys are vital to the training. These classes are designed around handlers that are enthusiastic to learn and put in the time to teach their dogs.

(Discussions and notes will be supplied as appropriate) the learning will be based on principles applied by some of the top overseas handlers as well as instructor experience and research.  Please bring along with you a note book and pen to write notes in.


* Bite size treats (Moonbag or Treat Bag is a good idea)
* Collar and lead (NO choke chains!)
* Favourite toy (not your shoe)

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