Dukelinds Dog Park is the first dog park in the South of Johannesburg, we are situated at Reitvlei Zoo Farm and the park is now fully fenced in for your dog to run free and enjoy a simple bit of exercise. 

The membership fees are R200.00 a month.  You will receive a disc/sticker which gives you access, you will be required to show security.  No sticker, no access.  This will give you access to the dog park Monday to Sunday.  None of the hiking trails are open to the dog park members, if you wish to hike too you will need to pay Rietvlei their hiking fees.  Please contact Rietvlei for more information regarding that. 

Dukelinds Dog Park is locked 24/7.  It is a coded lock and the code changes every month.  Once you send management the proof of payment of your monthly membership you will receive the code.  It is your job to ensure proof of payment for membership is sent through to ljessica.seller@gmail.com every month.  Then you will be given the access code to enter Dukelinds Dog Park. 

What you need to do to become a member of Dukelinds Dog Park:

1. Contact Lindsay on 076 309 0341 or ljessica.seller@gmail.com and I will call you back to arrange a meeting to fill out forms and collect your disk. 

2. Every dog must be evaluated first, this is to ensure the dog is social with people and other dogs (no aggressive dogs will be allowed to join the dog park).

3. Copy of your dogs up to date vaccination certificate.  If this is not up to date, we will not accept your membership, this is to protect your dog and the other dogs around Dukelinds. 

You will only be able to get into Dukelinds with this disk/sticker.  If you do not have it, our gaurds will not allow you in.  This membership disk/sticker gives you full access to the dog park ONLY Monday to Sunday.  So please join us.  Just remember, your dogs need to be on lead until they are inside the dog park fenced area.   

The park is a truly beautiful place for you and your dogs.  It is my little bit of heaven and I hope you feel the same way!

Below are some photo's from Dukelinds Dog Park :)  



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