9 March 2013.....Duke's Academy for Dogs closed as a training school for the day and instead...went to join the not so lucky four legged furkids at the Alberton SPCA.  We got there at 8am and we left at 12pm.....we walked, loved and washed all the dogs and puppies and pampered the cats!  I think all the dogs were in heaven today thanks to some very special and wonderful people :)  Here are some photo's of the wonderful morning we had at the Alberton SPCA....Thank you again to the Alberton SPCA for being so patient with us and for allowing us to come and do this for the furkids!! :) Keep up the fantastic work you guys are doing!

Dukes academy for dogs have celebrated a great year of training with a good old fashion christmas party in the past. For this year we wanted to do something totally different than the usual get together. For 2011, we wanted to go BIG! And we did..

Instead of doing a normal walk or fun day of training we all went down to the Alberton SPCA to share our love and care with all those furkidz who don't get spoilt and get to enjoy the life of a free dog like our dogs do. So early Saturday morning we were all waiting impatiently to meet our new friends for the day.

We all took treats, brushes, shampoo and any other extra things we had lying around that our dogs could do without which was donated to the SPCA in order to give those gorgeous pups a little something extra. We spent the day socialising and pampering each dog, pup and kitty, yet the most amazing part was being able to take them on lead into the veld next door for a bit of outdoor adventure and fun, where they could explore and get to see more than just the inside of a cage.

Fortunately we were able to bath the littlest of the furkidz, who absolutely enjoyed every second of that, bouncing around and playing wildly when they were clean, it was almost definitelyit was, that the simple bath had lifted there spirits to the highest of levels. We all formed some sort of amazing bonds with these pooches and we were very blessed to be able to meet them. I wouldn't say the furkidz were lucky to have us there, I think we were more lucky to be able to share such a special time of the year with them. They truly are all spectacular animals and deserve all the love and care they get.

So whenever you decide to add a new member to your family, remember all these guys just waiting patiently for their chance to be able to creep into your heart and to share all they have with you.

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