Phoenix is my little Jack Russel who is a rescue.  Phoenix got a small part in the Coca Cola advert Bobby two years ago.  She did very well considering she had never done anything like this before.   In January 2015 I got a call asking if Phoenix would be available for an advert in Cape Town as the lead dog in an advert for an Overseas company.  Of course I said without a doubt! :)  We put Phoenix forward and after a week of deciding they came back telling us Phoenix and I had got the job! I was so excited and NERVOUS!  So......In February 2015Phoenix and I were off to Cape Town with Irene the lady who got me the job :)  We had a tough week of filming, it was alot of hard work for a small agility dog.....but she managed it and we did it!  This is the advert that is showing on TV's in Europe.  Hope you enjoy it : ) 

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