How do I get my puppy to stop digging up my garden?

All dogs are natural hunters so it’s natural for them to dig!  Instead of banning them (because I can assure you it won’t stop entirely) rather give them a small space in the garden where they are allowed to big.  EG: when your dog digs somewhere else take them back to their designated spot and praise them there.   If you would prefer not to do it this way…..then squirt a little bit of Lemon Juice into your dogs mouth….then put the Lemon Juice in the garden.  The only problem I have with this….you can’t spray your entire garden with Lemon Juice!


     2. How do I get my puppy to stop chewing everything?

It’s a fact….every puppy chews…it is 10 times worse when they are teething.  Give your dogs toys to chew, as many as you can possible think of, when your puppy is chewing something you don’t want them to chew eg: your shoe or the couch…rather move your puppy from that spot and give him/her a toy they are allowed to chew on! 


     3.  How do I house train my puppy?

House training is seen as a pain in the butt, but very needed!  The best way and the quickest way to housetrain your puppy   is    to crate train your puppy.  I have done with all of my dogs (except Duke) crate training wasn’t around 12 years ago.  At night you take your puppy outside (to the spot you want your puppy to go to the toilet) you wait until your puppy does whatever he needs to…as your puppy is doing the action you require you praise your puppy for that action!! J  Then you crate your puppy when you go to bed…as soon as you wake up in the morning…the first thing you do….take your puppy straight from the crate and outside to that designated spot where you want them to do their business.  Do not let your puppy out the crate and wonder around the house…I can guarantee you that there will be an accident in the house.  There is a saying….NEVER SET YOUR DOG UP TO FAIL.  So don’t! J  Crate training is the way to go.  You can get a crate from any vet, or pet shop.

Remember the signs to look out for:


1.       if your puppy is sniffing frantically with his/her tail up in the air, they are about to do something

2.       After your puppy has eaten, take them outside

3.       When your puppy wakes up…take your puppy outside.

How do I get my dog to stop barking all night?

If you dog sleeps outside then your dog is obviously lonely.  So, give them something to sleep with (a toy, a teddy bear) or he is trying to tell you something is wrong!  Remember, dogs hearing is 7 x more than ours so they hear things we do not and possibly can’t hear!   NEVER ignore your dogs bark!  EVER!!!  If this carries on then move your dogs kennel to somewhere quieter in the garden or under more shelter.  


My dog keeps jumping up on my visitors how do I stop it?

When visitors arrive you are excited as are the visitors, your dog can sense this and he gets excited too. His way of showing…jumping up and down onto your guests or even you.  Ask your guests that when they come into the house to totally ignore the dog (even if the dog jumps on you) ignore it!  If you see the dog is about to jump on you, simply turn your back.  Remember a dog will only do something if he is getting a “reward” for it.  In the beginning it was cute and funny that your dog would greet your guest, and the guests would stroke the dog while he has jumped up on them..this is where the praise part comes in.  He is getting praised for jumping on someone.  Instead ignore your dog totally until he offers you a sit or even a down.  Rather praise him for the action you want.  Do not talk to your dog while he is jumping up.  IGNORE HIM TOTALLY UNTIL HE GIVE YOU WHAT YOU WANT!


      6. What is the right amount to feed my puppy and how often?

This depends on the breed of dog.  Obviously you’re not going to feed a Jack Russell puppy a Great Danes amount of food.  I would speak to your local vet about what food and how much to feed your puppy.  When I get a puppy –Normally at the age of 8 weeks…I feed them 3 x a day.  Once in the morning, afternoon and evening.  They do not get treats in between.  Then when they have reached 10 month or even 12 months I then move my dog onto twice a day.  Morning and Night.

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